Branching Out.... / by Pabgha Vaaj


Hello Awesome Individuals,

Even though it's been 18 days late, first off, happy new year. Every day can't be awesome, but may there be something awesome in each day. Back in October, I began my Inktober journey. I became excited and had a journal ready; however, halfway to the end of the pages was drawn by my niece and nephews. I managed to be on it for ten days, and that's better than 2015. Let's see, I've been branching out my artworks on potential products. I feel having my artwork in a portrait could only go so far; I want my artworks on things that people can use and/or send as gifts. 

I enjoy doing arts and crafts; they're fun to do. I spent some time learning how to do DIY rubber stamps and pins by using those shrinkable plastic sheets When I go to the arts and craft store and stop by the stamp section, I don't find what I really want. I began making my own, and it's incredibly fun. Drawing the design is one thing, but I enjoy carving. 

As for the pins, I tried various methods from being cheap to just buy the sheets. After 20+ trial and error leading to failed attempts, I found a method that works for me. I enjoy making pins too. Although they are time-consuming, the process is very enjoyable. I like creating cute doodles, paint with acrylics or permanent markers, bake them, and glaze them. 


So, these are one of the many things that I finally got the hang of it. As of now, I'm working on packaging. Yay, oh what fun of things to do. I delayed doing some bigger artworks because I'm working on a couple college applications. I should be done after the first week of February, and I will be FREE. I look forward to working with artworks every day. 

Thank you for your time reading this and have a awesome good morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Till then, peace out and stay awesome.