My Remedy Attack on Art Block / by Pabgha Vaaj

Art block is a condition when the artist is unable to genuinely gain joy and produce creative ooze from the things that he/she/they may do. Like playing a classic RPG game, art block reminds me of those bosses that become tougher, smarter, and scary every time. It challenges the user whether we can conquer and restore peace once for all. 

I believe that we all experience this at some point in different stages of our life, and we handle this differently.  I'll be sharing my remedies how I overcome and/or prepare myself for this kind of condition. Some of these methods are actions I've done and others were adopted while reaching out in the art community. Gooo art community! 

Here's what I do as of now: 

Penelope (OC- Pabgha)

1. Redraw Older Artworks
I have a couple of folders where I stash my best old artworks; I would go through them and choose a couple artworks to redraw. This method has helped me see the significant improvement, and I become amazed how much my style has changed. 

2. Schedule Art Buddy Time
Most of my art buddies live all over the world. Due to different time zones and our busy schedules, we only get together once or twice a month over on Skype or LINE. Often times, while creating artwork, we have conversations on tough topics (i.e. art block, art theft, materials, being inspired, etc.) and/or enjoy each others' company in silence. It's often quiet, yet it's relaxing. This topic is the most popular, and it pops up in most of the conversation. I was inspired to blog about this topic from my friends (shout-out to the Kyuute Group). I like doing artwork solo, but it doesn't hurt being in a space with others who have similar interests. 

3. Self-Reflection Time
This is a mental break where I reflect about my choices, why I do art, and what actions that would help me move forward long term and short term. Another thing to consider about is whether it's worth fighting for as well. Sometimes, I think about it while taking walks, write it out in my journal, or express it vocally. 


4.  Re-learn the Skill and/or Learn a New Skill
Yeah. I got this advice from listening to one of Bobby Chiu's Youtube videos. I signed up for Skillshare and engaged in different courses in there and in Schoolism (only the monthly subscription). Listening to others' experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and/or tips, their energy or message is positively contagious. 
I'm currently in Gesture Drawing by Alex Woo.  Although I've done gesture drawing before, learning it again and from another perspective is interesting. I'm learning something that I know. 


5. Have Fun
If you're not having fun in something you love to do, something is up. To me, I have a playlist of cheesy upbeat love songs. While working on my artwork, I'll be jamming at the same time. 

So, those who are a few things that I do. These methods aren't perfect, but these are what's been helpful for me. Also, if you have followed my previous blogs, I apologize for being in MIA for a long time. I'm back and will be posting more consistent. Thank you for your patience and your time checking this out. I hope you may have gain some ideas. Till then, stay awesome. Peace out.