Pabgha Illustrations at The Little Mekong Night Market 2017 / by Pabgha Vaaj


The Little Mekong Night Market is only two days away, and I'm very excited being part of this event. The event is an inspiration of the Southeast Asian night market. I've gone there every year when it's held; most of my money is spent on the food. Beside the food, there are different performances to watch, arts and craft activities, etc. It's a family-oriented and/or event for all ages. 

This year, they are collaborating with Northern Spark.  Northern Spark is a all night art festival. I've never attended any of their events before which also add more excitement. I know that they are another art organization and very active visually expressing issues/themes.

For more information, check out the website:  and

I'll be with Ele.fut ( a collaborative artist group that I'm in, and will be selling my print artworks. It's my first time selling my artworks and being part of this event--- behind the scenes. I've only gone there for an hour and as a participant. 

I look forward to have little rest time, being outside with the humidity, and having a great time. I'll share more about it next week.

So, if you're in Minnesota and nearby the Twin Cities, come and enjoy this event. Thanks for your time reading this and peace out - Pabgha