Catching Up / by Pabgha Vaaj

Hello Awesome Individuals,

It has been a long time since I've uploaded anything here. I assure y'all that I haven't forgotten about this place. I didn't want to blog something that had little to no context. A couple stepping stones and/or opportunities have happened since mid-February, and I'm very excited to share with y'all. For today, I'll be sharing one of them. 

 Alrighty, let's get to it. 

Tree Giving *Inspired*  Logo Design
In the beginning of March, I was contacted by one of the partnership staffs from Union House Elementary school in Sacramento, California, to create a logo design. The logo design was going to be used on their tote bags for the faculties during Teacher Appreciation Week. I collaborated with Victoria Vang (her website link will be down below). She's a awesome graphic designer, and we made the design together. 

So, *above* those were the original sketches that I sent. I designed the logo based on the event's main theme (tree giving) along the school's values, goals, and community vibe. As for the digital artwork, this was done by Victoria.

 A couple highlights about the visual theme: 

  • Type of Tree: Nature Oak (one of Sacramento sacred trees)
  • Heart shape trunk: Represent the foundation of the school staffs and faculties
  •  Abstract leaves: representing the diversity community
  • Astronaut: their school mascot (relating to hugging the tree theme) 

I'm happy because the design will be used and remembered. In addition, the logo was expanded, not only used on the tote bag, and used in stickers, posters, cards, banners, etc. I received positive feedback, and many of the staffs and faculties loved it. Mission accomplished. 

From onward, I'll be posting a blog every Thursday (unless I inform that I won't be able to). Sometimes, it'll be about the past or incoming opportunities that I'm experiencing, tutorials, and/or what I've been up in my artworks. I thank you for your time reading and/or checking this out. Stay tuned and peace out. - Pabgha

Victoria's website: